New channels and developments on the Internet such as Metaverse, Chat GPT or Threads not only create new challenges for users, agencies and numerous companies, but of course also for, one of the leading digital market and impact researchers. The unavoidable additional effort has forced the online provider from Baar, Switzerland to adjust the prices for all impact data needed for websites, apps, e-shops and campaigns but also for developing prototypes of new digital business projects.

Researching the impact of user content on more than 14,000 search engines, social media and e-shops in 191 countries is becoming more challenging. This is claimed by one of the biggest online market researchers based in the Swiss Canton Zug.

Reliable and independently measured impact data and valid key performance indicators (KPIs) have become increasingly important for the digital industry in recent years. This enables data-based profitable decisions for planned investments into any new digital project. "We have had to increase the prices for all "digital impact" measurements because the channels used digitally worldwide have considerably increased and with them the development and maintenance costs are also rising up" says the ArgYou CEO, Christoph Glauser, currently in Vienna where he was explaining the price increases for its keyword tokens and market data.

The new prices become visible after a registration and login to the finding engine: Market keywords can still be purchased directly online and are used up immediately by customers and agencies for any successful e-business ventures.

Digital Market Research is Key

Digital market and user-impact research in real time is using machine learning and artificial intelligence and has become much more important than traditional surveys. Today most important brands, digital agencies, consultancy and especially e-shops - not just since Corona – have to react much more quickly to changes in the market.

These valuable digital impact data have recently also been used in research as part of various Horizon Europe research projects, since the EU has made "digital impact key performance indicators (KPIs)" mandatory to make research funding more sustainable and human-centric.

According to Glauser, it has become extremely important, that the data is generated independently and made available anonymously, reliable and validated: "The issue is no longer to track individual users, but to anonymously measure the interests of the society as a whole, national populations and language regions, and finally about which channels 'surfers' like to use most frequently in these days".


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