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We are happy to send you an offer for your subscription. Simply send your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we will get in touch with you.


List of all possible measurements

  • Keyword Credits - Do you want to start measuring right away? With a credit balance on the Find-Engine, you have access to market research data in real time anytime and anywhere. You can register at, log in and buy credit online. Please check the PRODUCT INFORMATION in the footer line of the Find-Engine before using up your credits. On the Find-Engine, payment is made per keyword, quasi "click per market research". This means that neutral, advertising-independent quality data is collected.

  • Lists, ideas, keywords - Do you have ideas, lists, mockups, product lists, collections, press service keywords, brainstorming lists, marketing planning ideas, AdWords or secret lists? Then it’s worth measuring them early to see how much additional impact they have in 191 countries and on 14,103 channels worldwide. You don’t have any word lists? Create one with the help of online tools such as or, and test the list with the Find-Engine to see the additional impact on the Internet. You are welcome to send us your list, and we will test it for you for market relevance. Don’t forget to tell us additional countries in which you would like us to measure. All of your information is kept fully confidential!

  • Post a pitch - win a pitch - We support our customers and partners with data science. You start with a number of keywords on the Find Engine and measure, depending on the situation already before the pitch, how much additional search volume is possible. With experience we combine the most relevant, successful, digital solutions for clients as well as contractors.

  • Kick-Off-Workshop - Let‘s discuss the ideal procedure for your project together. You can provide us with your objectives, and we will find the best plan for impact-oriented digital implementation right from the start, on-site, by telephone or by video-conference.

  • Concept-Analysis - Where is the digital market demand for your concept ideas? Which topics are in greatest demand? Where should we focus? Are we using the right wording? Send us your word concept for the web, campaign or app (confidential). We will measure which of these have the biggest potential of search volume on the market.

  • Sitemap-Creation - Does your sitemap already meet the demand of your users on the Internet? Which are the most frequently searched subjects that should be more prominently featured? Which subjects are digitally rather less in demand, hence deserving lower priority? Do you already have a sitemap? Then send us this as Excel, picture, PDF, Word etc. If you don't have one yet, we will help you to create a sitemap and additionally measure the potentially exciting search volume.

  • Navigation - Is your navigation on the website intuitive? Does it use the most understandable language and frequently requested keywords? Do users find their way around your navigation with the information provided? With which logical and preferred well named buttons do you take a big step towards the users? Measure evident search volume before you even go "live" or "online" with the website.

  • Mockups or Stage - Do you already have an initial graphic design (mockup), or a new website in test mode (stage, test website, test app, campaign design)? Together, we can measure what is available and immediately see what works, as well as what works even better. In relation to your most important subjects/products/services, we can measure on which channels the demand is greatest currently.

  • Tech-Check - Do you have a test site, stage, campaign, app, e-shop and want to be technically on the safe side? Can it be indexed and easily accessed by users and search-crawlers? We independently check aliases, data structure, meta descriptors, headers etc. for their visibility and indexability, so that you will be found easily on all "searches". A little expert report will help you to identify and remove the biggest obstacles and to record technical information in a much better way (more user-friendly, more readable, more indexable).

  • Link-Analysis - Do you want to check or revise your external links strategy? Decide which outpointing links you want to use and which links should point back to you. We can help you with this.
  • Before the Launch - Are you facing a launch or relaunch and would like to protect yourself effectively? With a complete survey of your digital project, you can see where there is additional impact on the internet. All content of your project will be measured and compared with their demand on the Internet. A content audit, including a tech-check and benchmark, improves the entire "impact" of your project.

  • After the launch - Have you just finished a digital project and want to check if it works? With a full survey of your digital project, you can see where there is and how you can achieve even more impact on the Internet. All content of your project is measured and compared to their demand on the Internet. With a content audit, including tech-check and industry benchmarks, you can continuously improve effectiveness. Providing us with your URL (Internet address www) is sufficient for us to arrange an offer for you.

  • Competition-Analysis - Would you like to compare yourself with the digital competition? Just provide us with your competitors URL's (Internet addresses www). We will be happy to help you identify the most important representatives in your industry. You can do your own benchmarking on the Internet.
  • Multi-Channel - What, and above all where on the Internet, do users look for your products/services? Are you always using your marketing tools on the right channels? We can measure on which channels: search engines, social media, e-shops, your users actually search increasingly.

  • Monitoring - Would you like to keep an eye on certain subjects of interest over a period of time? Set up MONITORING on the Find Machine. In relation to your subjects, you will receive data on demand on a daily, weekly or monthly you wish! Are you planning a TV spot, a print campaign or online advertising? With MONITORING, you can closely follow the impact of your campaign on the Internet. Additionally, you can see how quickly and for how long your advertising message is effective on the internet.

  • Potential-Analysis (Future Issues) - Would you like to know which keywords around a subject have an even higher search volume? We provide you with the 40-80 most popular keywords on all search engines and social media for your most important subject or product.

  • Mobile - Are you planning a mobile campaign, a new app or PWA (Progessive Web App)? With impact data, you can meet customer demands also on mobile devices.

  • Startup Package - Are you a start-up in the first year and would like to get to know your digital market in detail? With our Startup Package, you can obtain independent market research data quickly and at a reasonable price. We include starting credit on the Find Machine as well as individual measurements for your digital strategy.


Is the data from the major search engines and social media not enough? In our market research, we always survey as many market participants and channels as possible, never just one or two providers. That's why we use 14'103 channels in 191 countries and 30 languages worldwide. Independent and neutral data science makes the difference. This increases the objectivity, validity and reliability of your measurements.


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