Which marketing skill is the most searched for in January of the new year? This is shown by the market researchers at Arg You on the basis of a survey of search volumes. With 31.9 percent, Market Research and Competitive Insights is the absolute leader. The second most searched terms were Strategy Development and Planning. And in third place were Content/Campaign Creation and Management.

Graphical comparison of search volume of marketing keywords with importance according to Gartner survey

The results with the "user audienvce" data differ significantly from the weighting of a study by Gartner. While marketing operations are given a high weighting in third place, they only occupy ninth place in terms of search volume. Gartner's survey asked 432 CMO's what they said were the 3 most important marketing competencies. While the CMO's of large companies see the marketing competence Brand Strategy right at the top, Swiss Internet users are more interested in market research as well as strategy development and planning. The graph on search volumes shows the share of the various marketing competencies in the sum of keyword searches. The search queries of 6.9 million users in Switzerland are measured for this purpose.


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