A site is originally an area  – a town or a village, where people in fair numbers are bustling about. In the internet, of course, sites are usually websites. Small sites are called microsites.

In translation the term has its own interest, since website also refers back to the page (German: Seite) e.g. of a book, though of course a website has more to do with a site in the original sense (Latin: situs) than with separate but linked pages.

The individual website was ArgYou’s basic currency, so to speak, in its founding year 2006. ArgYou took off with measuring the contents of individual websites, i.e. published contents in the digital world, and it did so not in a garage but in an attic!

Today, of course, we also focus on sitemaps, microsites, widgets, blogs, posts, campaigns, apps or e-shops. Ultimately, however, all these modes of publications are in the widest sense still sites.
Send us an e-mail with your questions about your site, website, or campaign, so that we can address them head-on.