partner-smallArgYou is a joint stock company established according to Swiss law and located in Baar (Canton of Zug). ArgYou specialises in the digital market and effectiveness research of online campaigns as well as in competition analyses of websites, i.e. web analytics.


With its specially developed research methodology, its software and hardware tools, ArgYou is the leading firm worldwide in the field of search engine intelligence. It measures digital assets, markets, cross-media campaigns and media. ArgYou successfully combines, for the first time, offline and online campaigns for all advertising projects. On the one hand ArgYou is direct provider for e-shops and online customers, on the other hand it is strategic partner of numerous agencies and agency networks.
ArgYou was founded at the beginning of 2006. The firm commercialises online expertise and measurements by customers`order. It does so in the form of studies in the field of the external, independent rating of effectiveness, and of the payback and ROI of digital assets, products and markets. The scientific methods and technologies applied have continuously been developed since 1994 in the context of diverse university research projects, e.g. at the universities of Geneva, Berne and Zurich, at the ETH Zurich and in the US. The firm ArgYou AG consists of  an international team of highly qualified specialists (29 languages) in digital content analysis, and of a prestigious non-executive directors` board.

Chief Executive Officer:
Dr. Christoph Glauser
Engineering and machine learning:
Jürg Beutler
Sales and marketing:
Mark Eting
Key Account Management:
Partner network
Mark Eting & reseller network
Unted Kingdom:
Ian Hunter
Jana Glauser; Werner Senn
Finances and trust:
Costa Regina Office services


Executive directors` board
Dr. Christoph Glauser (president)

Urs Donatsch (vice-president)



This is where you find ArgYou
ArgYou disposes of a large partnership network in Switzerland and Europe

Head Office Baar (Kanton Zug Switzerland)
ArgYou AG
Zugerstrasse 74
PO Box
CH - 6341 Baar
T +41 41 767 08 28
F +41 41 767 08 29
ArgYou Germany
T +41 41 767 08 28

Location Wien (ArgYou Österreich)

T +41 41 767 08 28

Location Barcelona (Spain and South America)
T +41 41 767 08 28 (under construction)

Location Berne(Switzerland)
ArgYou AG
Buristrasse 21
CH-3006 Bern
T +41 31 351 02 20
F +41 31 351 04 84
For NPO, NGO and government:
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New Locations:
Berne (F&E)
Basel, Zürich, and
St.Gallen (Switzerland)
ArgYou AG (Analytics)

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