frage-smallArgYou AG is the pioneer in scientific methods of content analysis in the internet world-wide. The products we can offer today are based on twenty years of research and development in the field of computer-assisted content analysis. For a demand analysis  a data pool of more than 450 search engines in 29 languages  is examined and processed and compared with any content theme or offer.   


ArgYou is neutral and independent: ArgYou measures all search data without any filtering and without influencing providers of search engines or services.


ArgYou searches everywhere: Although some few search engines are highly influential, ArgYou systematically measures and analyses user demands also on specialised search providers in 40 countries and 29 languages.


ArgYou creates clarity: Whether on Facebook or Twitter, whether with http or pdf, in Australia or in Switzerland, whether it is about your current website or a planned relaunch: ArgYou shows you the strengths and weaknesses of your web content as well as those of your competitors.


ArgYou knows how: More than twenty IT teams at various universities and partner companies are continuously furthering the development of ArgYou software tools and adjust them to the latest trends, e.g. in online advertising, social media and mobile.


ArgYou is applied science: The computer-assisted content analysis developed by ArgYou is the result of twenty years of scientific research in methods of acquiring web data and of structuring them so that they can be directly applied and used in the marketplace.  


ArgYou can handle big data: Processing and analysing masses of data from a variety of sources in diverse languages is our core competence. It is only through reducing the millions of word variants to a small number of core terms that internet profiles can be controlled, assessed and optimised.


ArgYou is the future: Every day 822'240 new sites go live on the web (Oracle 2012) and 2.5 Exabyte (2.5 billion Gigabyte) of new information is generated! Google claims to index twenty billion documents per day (SIGIR 2013). In order to remain relevant in this mass of sites you need demand-specific contents. ArgYou helps you to maintain an overview and supports you with statistically accurate data in adjusting your content supply to demand.


Your content is crucial: Publish online what you wish. We measure for you, at any time, your effectiveness – and that of your competitors.