Facebook has been in existence since 2004 and has about 1.32 billion members. ArgYou uses Facebook data together with its customers and sometimes at the request of agencies in order to analyse search demands regarding posted contents or campaigns.

Facebook has mainly private posts of pictures or short texts. However, events, companies, private persons, projects, films, music etc. can also appear there, either as a group, in a profile, or in the form of a function. With Facebook the aim is to gain as many „likes“ as possible for what one has posted and of course to obtain positive comments. It is even possible to share an entry, i.e. to project it onto one’s own profile in order to post it oneself.

ArgYou only uses Facebook entries that have been created by the customers themselves, who are legally entitled to the use of the contents. For questions about the use and the effectiveness of Facebook contents and campaigns, write us an e-mail.