studien2-smallOriginally, ArgYou did not start out with a find-engine but with a content analysis of single websites. It checked individual sites for their relevance and effectiveness. For this purpose it developed a specific site-grabbing technology which burrowed through the websites, read out the entire mass of information accessible from outside and stored it on a relational database.

The database then placed the whole content at the disposal of computer-assisted content analyses and scientific measurings. In 56 standardised procedural steps analysts evaluated all contents with the help of software tools, assuring highest quality. Finally, the system aligned the contents with the corresponding data from the online search in all digital channels in 209 different countries and in 40 languages.

In the meantime the technology and the find-engine are being used to measure effectiveness already in the conceptual phase or at the early stages of a test website. Thus trial-and-error websites, which do not reach potential users, can be avoided.


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