studien-smallApart from the find-engine, ArgYou relaunch analyses are among the measurings most in demand. Relaunch analyses furnish reliable data about the status quo (zero measurings) and support digital strategy. If you know the demand you will realise the planned relaunch four times more quickly. Measurings before and after relaunch help site operators and agencies in the implementation.


 Why lose contents that were much in demand on the old site? Not everything published so far was wrong or ineffective! Measured systematically, it is easy to sort out or effectively adapt weaker or unimportant contents in the relaunch. The find-engine is regularly being used in relaunch projects for measuring the entire contents. For full measurements in a relaunch the engines need to be operated by ArgYou analysts.

Site operators and agencies implement relaunch processes much more efficiently and above all more quickly by drawing on data furnished by ArgYou. They point straightforwardly in the direction best developed: that which is in the interest of users. The relaunch analysis basically consists of two measuring points: one before and one after implementation (control measuring). Ideally the engine now measures the new test website long before it is launched.

For questions about this computer-assisted procedure or for examples of relaunch analyses or references just send us a mail.

User-oriented agencies make use of additional measuring techniques and support in relaunch projects for their own clients.