bestellen-smallArgYou – E-Shop Package

With this package the engine measures nine efficacy-oriented dimensions for E-shop operators:
  • The demand potential of each product range on numerous search engines, social media and E-shops

  • A competition analysis in terms of the product portfolio (overall presentation or by categories)

  • Site-map and navigation analysis ensure the ideal positioning towards the user

  • Affinity of supply and demand of contents and product descriptions

  • The ArgYou find-engine supplies the best keywords for each product description (content marketing)

  • Multi-dimensional correlations between themes, products and suppliers are possible

  • A contents benchmark for comparing branches of trade in numerous countries

  • Technical benchmarks for a comparison with trade competitors (Alisa links, structural data, technological data)

  • Analysis of data structure to show up possible potential for technical improvement


The ArgYou E-shop Package leaves no (measuring) option unexplored. The engine offers a hitherto unavailable set of tools to improve the efficacy of E-shops, with valuable directions for optimisation.


The ArgYou team is happy to give you its support.