kommunikation-blog-smallThe ArgYou system measures the affinity of contents to demand and supply in mobile terminals and apps. ArgYou Mobile measures the relevance and above all the effectiveness of contents so that these can be reduced to their essentials and made user-centric for small screens.


With apps data from the search-engine and social media universe are being used for comparison. To measure, with ArgYou, the effectiveness of mobile contents at the same time means responding effectively to demand on the mobile devices. In this way the app users find not only the app but also what they are actually looking for on their mobile.

On new websites with responsive or dynamic design suitable for mobile use, the images adapt themselves to the terminal device. This also means that descriptions of apps and mobile websites are more accurately rendered and thus more easily found online in all search engines, social media and lists. With mobiles, the most important and effective contents should come first. The data of ArgYou help you to achieve this already in the conceptual or test phase of the app.

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