ArgYou contributes 12 products adapted for the customer.
 In alignment with the search engine universe we show you:



  • which contents on your website are relevant and where useful and relevant contents are missing

  • what the profile of the strengths and weaknesses of your website looks like

  • which key terms you absolutely need to use in order to reach your aims

  • how well you are doing in comparison with your competitors and how you distinguish yourself from them in your contents

  • how to improve your customer demands with your supply and your advertising activities

  • how to form benchmarks and how to avoid overlappings

  • how to complete your supply horizontally and vertically with contents most demanded

  • how to translate your content strategy for the use on mobiles


>Single analysis
measuring a single website


>Competition analysis
measuring several websites


>Relaunch analysis
measuring the current and the new website


>App analysis
measuring an app or mobile website (App, Android, HTML5)