A new app called "Finding" allows market researchers to easily measure the online demand for content on the smartphone. This app measures what web users look for on the Internet on all portals. The latest achievement of the marketing world is called "Finding". The app allows the retrieval of relevant search terms via smartphone and shows the respective effect on all digital channels almost in real time.

Imagine sitting in a meeting and your boss is once again talking about one of your competitors’ new product, which is said to have unbelievable demand. So you quickly measure with your ArgYou market research app whether the new product does have such a huge demand or whether this is just another tall story. In a matter of seconds, you can show to others that the new product is by no means as much in demand as your own and that you should not be taken in by rumours. The admiration of your colleagues will be assured.

In the meantime an advertising presence in the web has aged. With new launches, many agencies and companies are often unsure about procedures. Here again, the app can be helpful by making sure that user-friendly publications are on your website from the beginning and losses due to tax can be avoided. According to online researchers, however, customers more often want to measure by themselves. Scientists therefore have over the years, together with numerous universities, developed a "find engine" that accurately measures whether or not web content is requested on the Internet. The results illustrate the market demand via search engines, social media and e-shops. This informs the web designer how his/her advertising presence best reaches the customers. With the new app, researchers are increasingly banking on an even more flexible usage of their reliable MaFo 4.0 results in times of digitalization.

There are almost no limits to the usage of the app. Whether it is products, services, names or brands, or what is searched for and how the results are used, is decided by the user him- or herself. Because of its neutral, independent and scientific rating, this is a payment service that is being used much more simply, cheaply and quickly than classical market research. It is possible to analyse up to twenty keywords at once. Measurements can also be made on all digital channels, in 29 languages and for 203 countries. Results for individual usages on various online channels (multi-channel), appear in a manageable chart. This chart shows how many internet users search for a particular keyword and on which channels they do so. The app works on iPhones and on all Android devices. At the same time it‘s more fun to "Find" quickly than to look for things laboriously.