The often quoted saying attributed to Henry Ford, „I know that half of every dollar I spend on advertizing is money thrown out of the window; I just don’t know which half,“ stems from the paradisiac times when effectiveness in advertising was as yet no topic. Today we know that only a fraction of the advertising activities has a direct impact on how people act. But now it is possible to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns long before they start. „Swiss Health Promotion“ („Gesundheitsförderung Schweiz“) has asked ArgYou to supervise two parts of a thematic focal point, a landing place and an app, with the help of search engine data pools (search universe) and give advice on key terms.


In 2012 Swiss Health Promotion planned a new key subject which was to admonish the population of Switzerland to regularly drink water instead of sugar-sweetened beverages. At the back of this campaign is the realisation that a lower consumption of such beverages can reduce the risk of overweight and secondary diseases.

Predictive Analytics

The head in charge of communications, Reto Jent, approached ArgYou AG, the digital market research firm in Baar, in order to have them first of all measure the effectiveness and relevance of the thematic set-up regarding water. The process began with the analysis of all the semantic variants around the term „water“ on a relational data bank. In 2013 this resulted in a list of several ten thousand concepts. From these the forty to eighty demand-relevant key terms (water, drinking water, water glass, water bottle etc.) were filtered out via interfaces of more than 180 search engines, social media, directories or mobile-search. This procedure is called Predictive Analytics, i.e. „looking ahead“. In the case of thematic focal points (key subjects) this procedure saves tedious experimenting until the message with the specific key terms finally reaches the end-users.


Landing page und App

Having had the relevant contents listed via search universe, the customer selected an agency which was to develop the pertinent landing page for „Hahnenburger“. Here, too, ArgYou measured the effectiveness of the mock-ups, which considerably facilitated the choice between the proposals of the agencies. Thereafter the microsite contents were again measured in the pretest and adjusted for their online effectiveness. A further instrument planned by Swiss Health Promotion was a drink calculator app. Here again ArgYou carried out an effectiveness measurement.

Before the new app was published, the contents were measured on the IOS file by means of a specially developed technology and again tested regarding their congruence with the terms in the search universe. This technique enabled the customer and the responsible app agency to adjust the contents of the app once more in terms of their effectiveness before it went live. Since the relevant information needs to be easily accessible on the small screen of an app, this procedure has also convinced the agency.
Effectiveness-oriented campaigning will become even more important in the future, as the resources for advertising and promoting are often limited, especially in the digital market, and have to be utilized as efficiently as possible.
The effectiveness-oriented, iterative and strategic approach of Swiss Health Promotion is exemplary and is certain to prove successful for intensive use not only in the Hahnenburger campaign.


Source: "persönlich", November 2014