The often quoted saying attributed to Henry Ford, „I know that half of every dollar I spend on advertizing is money thrown out of the window; I just don’t know which half,“ stems from the paradisiac times when effectiveness in advertising was as yet no topic. Today we know that only a fraction of the advertising activities has a direct impact on how people act. But now it is possible to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns long before they start. „Swiss Health Promotion“ („Gesundheitsförderung Schweiz“) has asked ArgYou to supervise two parts of a thematic focal point, a landing place and an app, with the help of search engine data pools (search universe) and give advice on key terms.

An extensive study of the digital markets proves: film and photography websites are closest to user interests. Silver and bronze medal go to the consulting branch and the news portals. Games, newspapers and television commercials rank fourth, fifth and sixth. E-shops, travel, schools and furniture are among the top ten.


Baar/Berne, Januar 2, 2016. – Today, search engines and social media, from Bing, Facebook and Google to Twitter, Xing and Yahoo, are generally being used as sources of information. Altogether more than 250 such services are analyzed by As of now, users themselves may carry out measurements in real time, with their own keywords, of what was on an average searched for online in the internet in the previous thirty days, and how the terms they themselves have entered are ranked there. Thus the „Find Engine“ launched by on 2nd September 2015 opens up entirely new possibilities for the analysis of online markets.