With the mass spread of smartphones the use of individual apps has also risen dramatically.

More than one million apps exist worldwide, though most of them are hardly or not at all used. Many apps can be downloaded free from App Store or Play Store, some have to be paid for. An iPhone App, for example, consists of a so-called proprietary format, *.ipa, which can only be decoded and used by Apple. For this reason, apps are sold from Apple’s App Store and cannot be applied and used for free.
Since 2013 ArgYou has been measuring the effectiveness of contents on all apps and comparing them systematically with the search universe of more than 450 search engines, social media and directories.

In order for this to function, ArgYou also needs the *.ipa/*.apk file which contains the information of the app in coded form.

So as not to violate copyright restrictions, ArgYou for its measurings exclusively uses apps provided by the agency or the legal owner/customer. On demand, ArgYou also furnishes competitors’ analyses of several similar apps.
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