„Data“ is the buzzword of the day. But not all data are as reliable as those validated by ArgYou.

The measurings of ArgYou are not based on invented figures but on facts and data systematically recorded, scientifically investigated and carefully corroborated. Data are given facts and events, but above all they are numerical values or findings that can be clearly stated.

The data resulting from ArgYou’s measurings are particularly convincing because these measurings are unbiassed, independent, and uninfluenced (measuring instead of guessing).

The Swiss GfM (Gesellschaft für Marketing/Association for Marketing) writes:

„Those who make use of data have a greater sensitivity for the market. The size of a business company significantly influences the chances of a successful analysis of data since the economies of scale and the fixed-step costs have an impact here as well."

Professor Sven Reinecke
Head of the Institute of Marketing
University of St. Gallen