Originally the word denoted something painful and stinking: in the US calves had the name of their farm burnt – or branded - into their skin with a redhot iron.
Today a brand or a trade mark is a legally protected label or trade name. It represents the identity of a firm or a product. The brand serves to prevent confusion and to facilitate recognition in the sea of firms and products.

ArgYou devotes itself to the measuring of these often very well known brands or labels in the internet. We talk here of the so-called digital branding or the digital footprint which products or the owners of trade mark rights leave in the WWW. Under „Industries“ on our homepage you may find numerous brands and trade names for which ArgYou has carried out market analyses. Among them are some world famous names such as McDonalds, Opel GM, Pro7, Sat1, Zattoo or Vodafone and many others. If you wish to have your own digital branding accurately measured, just send us the form on the right.