Classic market research has lost a great deal of its importance in recent years. This has to do with the fact that for lack of time persons interviewed often do not respond and that hardly anyone can be bothered to take a market research survey on smartphone.

The survey of the aims and the actors of a market, i.e. of suppliers and potential customers, is called market research. But this requires an accurate definition of the market you want to survey. ArgYou, the largest digital market researcher worldwide, has adapted itself to the trend towards smaller, quicker and more accurate (more highly valid) market research surveys which are less expensive and yet broadly based and representative.

Via search engines, social media, directories and mobile search, ArgYou measures markets in 29 languages without bothering a single user. Find out more about this by sending us your questions. We will mail you a market research tailored to your needs which also satisfies all the new requirements of the digital age in every respect.