formular-smallThe keyword analyses of ArgYou show how intensively and with which keywords or key terms internet users in actual fact search themes, products or persons (e.g. stars) in more than 457 search engines, social media, E-shops directories and lists.


They measure the search universe in question backwards for thirty days from the start of the measuring. This period corresponds to the average duration for which most search engines and social media globally store search data.

Most of the questions frequently asked about keyword measurements concern Google, since Google offers its own keywords free of charge via various interfaces such as AdWords, Webmastertools, etc. ArgYou measurements, however, go far beyond this offer of various providers in terms of their systematic measuring of search variants for keywords in 40 different countries and in 29 languages in more than 457 digital channels. While Google, for example, provides above all private search demands, other search engines, social media and E-shops are superior regarding business-to-business users, e.g. at the workplace, or regarding specific uses in other languages, such as Yandex for Russia, Baidu for China, etc.

ArgYou keyword analyses supply the most effective keyword variants for the most frequently searched terms in the entire internet, independent of specific providers (total audience of search). In order to measure your keyword strategies, keyword clouds or variants, the system has to be fed with the precise details of your strategically most important themes, products and contents. ArgYou calls the measurings of search variants for keywords „future issues“ (FI). The engine measures the monitoring for a maximum of 50 keywords.

For web analyses or the measuring of sizeable lists and larger quantities of data please contact our ArgYou team by email. We are happy to help you with advice and reliable, neutral data.

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