Info on the project: CogniWin
The overall CogniWin system is supposed to be an easy to download and to install software; making use of an intelligent mouse and an eye tracker, providing services for both (older) adults at work and the organizations (knowledge retention repository) employing them.
CogniWin will be equipped with personalized and adaptable interfaces considering the cognitive characteristics of the older adults while considering the cognitive factors that affect user interactions (e.g., present information in a diagrammatical representation in case a user processes graphical information more efficiently).

CogniWin addresses specifically the following main issues:

Assistance in the Learning Process: the system will intervene in case of detecting unusual user performance to provide adaptive support and guidance services aiming to reduce the anxiety and stress level of the elderly employee.
It will provide users with tips and advice on contextualized tasks. It will identify the working activity and then based on integrated indicators (e.g., time per task, tasks organisation, level of concentration, achieving of predefined goals etc.) will assist users by displaying personalized advice (textual, video, audio) based on the users’ cognitive characteristics with the aim to facilitate final users in achieving their goals and improving their performance.

Working Memory Support: during computerized activities, the working memory is highly solicited. The system will anticipate the next task or subtask (e.g., moving the mouse to the concerned graphical area), with the aim to reduce cognitive overload or orientation difficulties of the users.

Well-being Advisor: based on the combination of the collected user information (personal, health characteristics i.e.  the person is suffering from high pressure, cognitive characteristics) and user interaction information (extracted through an intelligent mouse, eye tracker and a contextual recorder capturing the process achievement of tasks as done by the older adult), the system will offer to the older adults several personal advices adapted to their personal situation contributing to the preservation and improvement of their well-being status in the work environment.

Behaviour analysis: CogniWin aims to develop reasoning algorithms for real-time behaviour analysis considering personal, health and cognitive characteristics to provide to the older adults personalised learning assistance and well-being guidance.
The algorithms will perform real-time user interaction analysis and understand human navigation behaviour with the system based on a number of inputs (i.e., eye tracker, intelligent mouse, direct user interactions e.g., mousetracking and click stream).
User behaviour analysis software will identify if the user behaves in non-conformant ways (like being tired, hand shaking, etc.). The user behaviour analysis outputs will be used by top-level reasoning algorithms for analysis and decision for the most appropriate action to be taken.

Intelligent mouse: An intelligent mouse will be developed in order to measure different parameters, which can be used to get information of the user’s condition, emotional status or any stress occurring when working with the computer. CogniWin will be an affordable and user-friendly sensing platform.

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