There are many different forms of tracking in the internet

We distinguish primarily between (1) user-centered and (2) site-centered tracking.
In (1) the focus  is on the user. Here the tracking methods are eye movement (eye tracking) or logfile tracking plus the tracing of the user him/herself via film, camera or intelligent mouse, measuring mouse movements, heat and stress sensors etc.

(2) Site-centered measurement on websites or in e-shops determines accurately what the user does on the site. This includes click rates, duration of stay on the site, history of use, transaction rates, conversion rates etc. Unfortunately these figures are mostly reported unfiltered, e.g. in internal use or by agencies. Thus we get pretty high figures which need to be taken with a grain of salt.

(3) ArgYou’s entirely new approach is content-centered, independent of (1) and (2) and measures effectiveness on the basis of content. This can be done without bothering customers or equipping PCs with lots of software. If you wish to learn more about ArgYou’s neutral, independent, content-centered measurements, fill out the form.