„Measuring instead of guessing“

By now most providers know exactly how much your online communication costs. Server, PR, webfactory, graphics, electricity and hosting costs are known. But when it comes to effectiveness or the relevance of digital resources, guesswork is still the order of the day.

Market researchers tend to distrust measurements. And indeed measuring has its tricky sides. But ArgYou measures anything with the help of computer-assisted content analyses, be it website, homepage, e-shop, campaign or mobile app. At the same time it makes comparisons with the contents that are being searched worldwide with search engines and social media and in directories or mobile search. Measuring has from the start been a basic prerequisite in the market for creating trust.

Earlier they used to measure lengths and weights in the market. In today’s digital market it is above all the effectiveness between suppliers and customers that is being measured. Creating trust has in the meantime become a key factor also in the online market. Without trust no business, no online business either.

With its neutral measurements totally independent of suppliers and contractors, ArgYou creates trust in a market that teems with exaggerations and promises of salvation which it could rarely keep. Even in the online market, reliable statistical measurements more often than not decide about To Be or Not To Be and make that small but decisive difference between competitors.
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