ArgYou frequently carries out evaluations in connection with online projects

There is a better term for evaluation: success control.
With many online projects the costs are quite well known yet what is totally unknown is their effectiveness.
This is exactly where ArgYou sets in with its measurements.
On the order of the operators we measure how close to, or how far away from the user the text of a website, homepage, e-shop or app seems to be. Ultimately, how successful it is or could be.

As usual with new methods of measuring and with technological achievements, ArgYou puts the existing order to the test (evaluation).
This does not always please those responsible for the web or their respective agencies. But it is the declared aim of ArgYou to achieve systematically and overall more effectiveness for its customers in the online market and in the competition for content. To this goal we subordinate all other and diverting interests of those directly concerned or of search engine and services providers.

If you feel unsure about ArgYou’s methods of success control and what effect they might have on your business, send us an e-mail.