Winston Churchill once said that he trusted only those statistics that he had falsified himself.

Our aim at ArgYou, however, is to produce analyses and reports at the cutting edge of independent scientific research. The internet swarms with analyses and analytic tools which unfortunately are often elusive and unreliable. Even more rarely do these analytic tools measure what they pretend to measure. In other words, they are not a valid and useful basis  for decisions about digital strategies.
Web Analytics is a comparatively young discipline and is often made use of by suppliers or search engines, especially by agencies, or even offered for free, to measure effectiveness. Unfortunately these metric data usually represent only a fraction of the digital reality. ArgYou has for years been advocating quality assurance and independence, i.e. transparency and neutrality of data. Based on the measured effectiveness of online contents ArgYou furnishes reliable and assured facts for every current or intended analytically based strategy in the online world.

There are always lots of questions about analytics. Just send us an E-mail and we will tell you what effectiveness means!